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Chihyean's anti-RAGE mAb paper was published on Glycobiology today! Congratulations!
Yin's TRAIL-HS paper was published on eLife today! Congratulations!

In collaboration with Dr. Baohong Zhao (PI), our labs are awarded with a 5-year R01 grant from NIAMS to study the role of Heparan sulfate in inflammatory bone remodeling!


Congratulations to Miaomiao for receiving her NIDCR R03 award for Young Investigators!!


Yin's human osteoprotegerin mutation paper was published on Scientific Reports today! This is the first time we study an disease-causing human mutation.  


Both Miaomiao and Yin were selected to give oral presentations in 2022 Gordon Proteoglycan conference! They have both done excellent jobs presenting and really showcased the diverse subjects we study in the lab!


Our lab is awarded with a new 5-year R01 grant from NIDCR to study the role of Heparan sulfate–cathepsin K interaction in bone remodeling !


Miaomiao scored an excellent priority score of 23 in her resubmission of NIDCR R03 award for Young Investigators. Really proud of her!


Miaomiao's RAGE paper is officially accepted by eLife today! This is our third paper on RAGE since 2011. By using a novel RAGE knock-in strain and an mAb that specifically target the HS-binding site, we demonstrated that HS-induced oligomerization is essential for RAGE signaling in vivo


Xiaoxiao successfully defended her thesis today, becoming the first PhD out of Xu lab. Congratulations!


Xiaoxiao's cystatin C paper was officially accepted by Communication Biology today! Another prime example of the structural diversity of HS-binding site. 


Miaomiao's OPG knockin mice paper appeared online today on PNAS website! This is our third paper on OPG and first knock-in animal with impaired HS-binding site. 


We have completed moving the lab to a new space in Biomedical Research Building. A refreshing change after a long dormancy during COVID19!


We were awarded $90,000 by Buffalo Accelerator Funds to develop our anti-RAGE mAb for treatment of inflammatory diseases !

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