Miaomiao's RAGE paper is officially accepted by eLife today! This is our third paper on RAGE since 2011. By using a novel RAGE knock-in strain and an mAb that specifically target the HS-binding site, we demonstrated that HS-induced oligomerization is essential for RAGE signaling in vivo


Xiaoxiao successfully defended her thesis today, becoming the first PhD out of Xu lab. Congratulations!


Xiaoxiao's cystatin C paper was officially accepted by Communication Biology today! Another prime example of the structural diversity of HS-binding site. 


Miaomiao's OPG knockin mice paper appeared online today on PNAS website! This is our third paper on OPG and first knock-in animal with impaired HS-binding site. 


We have completed moving the lab to a new space in Biomedical Research Building. A refreshing change after a long dormancy during COVID19!


We were awarded $90,000 by Buffalo Accelerator Funds to develop our anti-RAGE mAb for treatment of inflammatory diseases !