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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Dr. Liu is a leading expert in heparan sulfate biosynthesis and chemoenzymatic synthesis of heparin sulfate oligosaccharides. We are actively collaborating with Dr. Liu on multiple projects and currently sharing an NIDCR R01 grant with Dr. Liu. 

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Director of X-ray Crystallography Facility 

Dr. Petersen is a highly prolific crystallographer with strong interest in heparan sulfate biosynthesis and HS-binding proteins. He has been a collaborator of Dr. Xu since 2004. Together we have solved 4 crystal structures and we are currently pursuing co-crystal structures of several HS-binding proteins (with HS oligosaccharide). 

Hospital for Special Surgery 

Weill Cornell Medical School

Associate Professor

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 


Dr. Zhao is a bone biologist with expertise in inflammatory bone remodeling. Dr. Zhao shares a common interest in understanding the role of heparan sulfate in osteoclast biology, especially under inflammatory conditions. I serve as a Co-I in a recent NIAMS R01 grant received by Dr. Zhao. 

Dr. Wang is an expert in NMR spectrometry and has a strong interest in the role of HS in Alzheimer’s disease. We have been collaborating with Dr. Wang since 2018 using NMR to investigate the structural details of the interactions between HS and HS-binding proteins. 

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